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Join us for specialized tours and activities in Italy with expert, handpicked, guides.

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Welcome to Presto Tours, a magnetic community of traveling learners in Italy. Our guests and guides alike share a dedication to learning and an enthusiasm for living. We firmly believe that holidays are not for "vegging out" but are for "zooming in" on a new culture, a foreign history, fantastic art, and new cuisine. We like to think of Presto Tours as a traveling classroom made up of master teachers-our guides, and students with a zest for traveling-our guests.

Our distinct tour curriculum is frequently reviewed to ensure that each itinerary introduces pertinent knowledge in areas that we consider indispensable to a visit to Italy and, at the same time, that each itinerary is presented with excitement, humor, and intelligence. We find that these ingredients, combined with a distinguished knowledge core, is the quintessential formula to creating an outstanding learning experience for all travelers to Italy.

Equally important, is our strong commitment to learning in small groups. By limiting each of our very small group tours to 10 guests, our guests are able to pose questions with ease and our guides are able to respond with care to each individual guest. Not only do our small groups provide an excellent learning platform for travelers, but they also become a meeting ground where guests form friendships with like-minded, intellectually curious, and culturally conscious travelers.

Our guides' presentation combined with our guests' sheer enthusiasm for traveling and learning makes for an invigorating learning experience. Spending a day with one of our warm, spirited, and distinguished art and history experts, children and adult guests alike, delight in our guides' storytelling and take away a fresh sense of Italy and the Italians from an oftentimes once in a lifetime trip. We would be honored if you joined us.

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